Rhea Gargour
— Co-founder

A serial consultant herself, Rhea searched for a smart service that connected experts with excellent projects, until it occurred to her that she'd have to do it herself. 12 months, several wide-ranging workshops and countless conversations with businesses later, By Day was born.

With a background in business operations and law (including the successful lobby to expand the criminal definition of domestic violence), Rhea now deploys her energy, intuition and impressive network to the benefit of By Day's consultants and clients.

Nathalia Chubin
— Co-founder

By Day's resident planner, Nathalia's career to date has spanned global product launches for Playstation and delivering hugely successful ad campaigns for McCann London – all of which stood her in good stead for the non-stop strategising, pitching and marketing she now performs for By Day.

As a mother of two young children, Nathalia knows firsthand the challenge of finding work that's worth your time and fits well with family life. A fierce advocate for women's rights and the power of flexible working, Nathalia co-founded By Day to evolve the way we work.