Work that works.


The working world is changing – but not fast enough for our liking. Despite having incredible technology at our disposal, and constantly bandying about the idea of a 'work/ life balance', most people still find themselves in the kind of working set-up that hasn't changed in decades.

This outdated approach to work particularly affects parents. With a decade's invaluable experience under their belts, parents who are looking for a different choice when managing their time simply can't find the kind of work they need (or are capable of). We've experienced it ourselves. So our mission when we started By Day was to ensure that parents – and any exceptionally experienced talent who wanted greater flexibility – could make their vital contributions in the workplace on their own terms.

We believe in a better way to work – one that results in great work for businesses, and that allows people to work independently, remotely and flexibly. Businesses can leverage senior, skilled talent, and consultants can adjust their working commitments to fit within their lives.

That elusive idea of 'work/ life balance' means different things to different people – and even one person's definition changes over the course of their career. By Day doesn't just believe in it, we're giving people the tools to create it.