Frequently asked questions


Am I eligible to join?

If you're self-motivated, passionate about what you do, and have at least five years' experience in one of the sectors we work across, we'd love to meet you. You'll also need to be available to take on new projects, and if applicable, have the appropriate licences to practice (lawyers or accountants, for example).



What are the benefits of joining?

If you're looking for work that gives you control of when, where and how much you work, By Day can help. Our clients are progressive, ambitious businesses with interesting projects for consultants like you – and we can connect you. Whether you're looking for more time with your family, a variety of engaging challenges, or a more portable career, our clients are on the same page.

You choose your hours and your day rate and we take care of the rest – matching you with briefs, introducing you to clients, dispensing advice when needed and even negotiating on your behalf if need be.



How is By Day different?

By Day believes in making work better, and making better work. To do great work, you don't have to clock on and off at set hours, or waste time commuting when you could be getting the job done. Businesses access top talent exactly when they need it, and highly experienced people get to do their best work. Our projects are rewarding, relevant to your skills, and run on terms that work for both you and the client.



What kind of roles are available?

The majority of By Day's roles are project-based and span any professional needs a business might have, be it accounting or admin, creative or corporate . Roles are usually project-based, though permanent part-time opportunities sometimes come up. Because of the highly skilled nature of our consultants, they tend to be project lead or management-level. Take a look at the sectors we work within here.



What kinds of 'flexible work' are available?

A role might be remote, office-based, or a combination of both. You might be required to be available within certain core hours, or free to set your own schedule. You could be expected to contribute a certain amount of time, or to deliver agreed outputs. It just depends on what you and the client agree works best – and we’ll even have the conversation on your behalf.



What's the process of becoming a By Day consultant?

Complete our registration form here. We review every submission and, if you look like a good fit for By Day, we'll be in touch (either in person or on a call) to talk through your background and what you're looking for now. Once we've really got to know you, we'll add you to our books and start considering you for relevant briefs.




How does the matching process work?

Once a project comes in that we think you’d be right for, we’ll send you the project scope for you to review. If you’re available and keen to be considered, let us know (including any questions or requirements you might have) and only then will we send your profile to the client.



How do I get paid?

Your client will pay you directly as agreed in your contract or project scope. All terms are completely between you and the client.



Are there any fees involved?

Our services are completely free to consultants. What you charge the clients is what you'll take home. (By Day takes its fees from clients once we make a successful introduction).



Can I sign up to other agencies or sites?

Of course – there's no obligation to work exclusively with us. But we're confident that the quality of our clients, briefs and service will land you roles that are the best fit for you.



How can I manage (or delete) my profile?

We put together your personal profile (formatted as a PDF) to share with relevant clients. If you want to update your info or ideas for how to polish your profile, just get in touch. Let us know if you're going to be unavailable or are ready for a new challenge so we can manage your time accordingly. And if, for any reason, you no longer want to work with By Day, tell us and we'll remove your profile from our books.