Frequently asked questions


Am I eligible to join?

Anyone can sign up to us as long as they are an experienced professional in one of the sectors we work with.

You must also be free and able to take on a project and have the appropriate licences to practice (applicable for law, accounting etc).


What’s our mission?

By Day believes that there is another way to have a family and a career: freelance project work.

We believe this way of working delivers rewards both personally and professionally, allowing you to find the balance you deserve.

We believe that your salary, seniority and experience is not a closed chapter, and all your hard work to date can now deliver for you. Our talent list is made up of ambitious people looking to balance work and family by scaling and controlling their workloads.

As a By Day Consultant, you are in control.

We source projects with clear deadlines and deliverables that we think your skills are suited for. You will be hired as a consultant by the client themselves, but on terms you have both agreed to. We aim to have every project offered through us be a rewarding one, where your carefully honed skills are put to good use.


Why sign up?

By Day is the agency with a difference; we want to you to give you choice - from how and when you work, to how much you charge.

If you are a professional with experience wanting more flexibility and freedom, we’ll be a good match.


Who would be my client?

There are plenty of businesses out there for whom hiring a specialist consultant is ideal. Not only do they get the opportunity to call in unparalleled knowledge and expertise, but just as importantly, they only pay for what they need.

We're talking a wide range of organisations, from start-ups and charities through to local businesses and multinationals.

They value results and efficiency over dreary desk hours. That makes you perfect for them.


Why work this way?

We don’t agree with encouraging parents to ‘have it all’ within a system that doesn’t allow it, so we want to change the system. We give people the freedom to practice at their true seniority, and companies can hire the exact skills they need and can afford.

Project-based work has become a real alternative to permanent employment for both businesses and consultants. We believe that parents in particular can take advantage of the changing landscape of work to control and organise their schedules.


Why just parents?

Parents are not the only qualified people who can sign up. Flexible working practices suit anyone with immediate and conflicting demands on their time. 

However, scaleable work can help ease the huge pressure placed on families in particular, by allowing them to make choices about how to allocate their resources.

For us, more choice equals greater equality.



How to register?

All you have to do is fill out our signup form with as much information as you can. Someone from the team will be in touch to talk about your previous experience and your future ambitions.

If we are the right fit, then we will place you on our books.


When do I start my first project?

When a client submits a brief for a project, we will contact our most relevant candidates. If the project scope and required dates suit you, we will put you forward for the role.


Can I sign up to other job sites?

Yes you can sign up to other job sites.

But we are confident that with By Day you will be given the quality of jobs you deserve and as we grow to know each other better, we hope you will always want to work with us first.


How do I get paid?

We don’t take any payment from our By Day Consultants; what you charge is what you receive. You will receive payment for the projects directly from the client in accordance with the Project Scope you have agreed with them.


How do I delete my profile?

If you no longer want to work through us, just let us know and we will remove you from our list. Please look through at our T&C’s for more information.


What happens if I am not available for a period?

To mark yourself as unavailable just let us know and we won’t send any suggested projects to you. When you are back and ready to go just let us know.


How can I improve my chances of selection?

As with all aspects of being a By Day Consultant, we will always be on hand to answer any questions or give any advice. If there is anything that could improve your chances to be selected by a client, we will let you know.


How do I refer other consultants
/clients to By Day?

Please refer consultants or clients to or and we will be in touch.