International Women's Day: Wishes for my daughters

Today marks another critical IWD. Over the past year we have seen such a flood of support for issues such as sexual harassment, pregnancy and maternity pay and discrimination, healthcare access and cultural adjustments that will help the world edge towards equality. 

As we continue to fight our corner to provide flexible working opportunities for families in order to support both parenting and career goals on both sides, our co-founder Nathalia took a pause to compile a wish list for the kind of world she wants for her two daughters. 

Wishes for you

I hope you explore the planet

I hope you know you can always come back

I hope you tune out the body-shaming

I hope you are lucky, and wise with that luck

I hope you are innocent, but not gullible

I hope you never feel your hobbies or interests are somehow inappropriate for your gender

I hope you have open and supportive discussions about your pregnancy and maternity plans

I hope you don’t feel an ounce of stigma about being an employee that bears children

I hope you feel you could go to an interview pregnant

I hope you spend as many minutes as you want with your child

I hope your gender does not ever feel like a cage

I hope you are safe

I hope you have a sharp tongue towards that kind of banter

I hope you see sexism for what it is

I hope you never view male leadership as the norm

I hope you find a committed co-parent

I hope you feel you have options open in every area of your life

I hope you never feel pressured 

I hope your mistakes are costly enough to learn from, but not shattering enough to break your spirit

I hope the world grows so that it is able to deliver these things for you.


Nathalia Chubin, Co-Founder

By Day Co