The Enterprise of Baby-Making


Today, my co-founder and I launched a company. She is a mother of one (with another on the way) and since working with her I’ve realised something pretty huge.

Having a business and being a parent require many of the same skills.

You have to be fantastic at planning ahead but just as good at solving problems on the fly, you must field unsolicited opinions that are flung at you constantly (my advice: dodge the bad and implement the good) and you usually know that the sleepless nights and stressful days you put in are worth it, because you are helping to shape something that already, from it’s inception, has changed your life.

But there is a difference. One can make your career and the other one can make you choose.


Yes, being a parent in modern times isn’t the same as it used to be. In the past, females and males were on very different paths from birth - both leading to specifically constructed roles within society where father brought home the bacon and mother cooked it. Fast forward 50-something years and now both genders have equal opportunity to invest in their careers.

Now, theoretically, mother can bring home the bacon, remove the fat, grill it, serve it to her kids on an organic roll and then put up her feet and watch an episode of Game of Thrones.

I say theoretically because as far as I’m aware, there are still 24 hours in a day.

We are in a brave new world. A world where parents don’t always come in a set of two, one of each sex. A world where often by the time you have a child, you also have built a career undefined by your gender or relationship status. And that is fantastic progress. But we are also in a world where there are limited options to manage both, and unless you are one of the lucky ones where the current system suits you, that all important work-family balance may remain  an elusive dream.

This new world hasn’t progressed enough for everyone.

For some, being a parent and having a career can often mean making difficult choices. From spending too long in an office and missing precious moments, to having the moments whilst surrendering your career, to taking a job that isn’t quite right because it lets you have a bit of both.  For those parents, they end up forgoing something that is also a part of who they are.

But there is a solution. One that allows father to fire off the marketing strategy for the year ahead but still be there to hear his child’s first word (it usually is dada after all). A solution that has mother watch her child’s first steps whilst closing a high figure sales deal.

That solution is project work -  doing the same work as you would in full time employment - but as a consultant instead. By having this option, parents can make a different choice too: they can work as and when they decide, and at the level and salary they have already achieved. They can share their expertise with their clients and also share the everyday special moments with their family.

This also works for clients: they only pay for the work that they need doing, done by someone who is an expert in their field.

That’s why we have launched By Day, for any family unit for whom the new world is better but still not quite right. We want to give you another choice, to help you find a way that lets you have the freedom that comes with working flexibly and the recognition you deserve when you do. We want to change your world and make your daily options limitless.

We have another answer and it’s about time.

- Rhea Gargour, Co-Founder - By Day